Company Brief

UN / UNIDO - Head Quater - Vienna / Austria
UN / UNIDO - Head Quater - Vienna / Austria

SET has been established in 2008 through private investors in response to new demands within developing countries, states in transition and as a result of the enlargement of the European Union the correlating regulations for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) states for waste management "waste to energy" (WtE) concepts and the promotion of renewable energy within in the UNIDO.


SET has developed new innovative solutions that are tailor made for the specific developmental scenarios in close cooperation with our partners, our team of dedicated experts and our clients.

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SET could acquire the services of some of the leading industry experts in our fields with long lasting and acknowledged experience in project development and implementation in order to realize necessary technical requirements.  We can rely on partners as well as staff members who have gained extensive experience through their involvement in international projects worldwide.  


SET provides for project development, consultancy, project implementation, research and technical development. SET operates in different regions and countries worldwide with cooperating companies and SET-Representatives.  


SET - Sustainable Environmental Technologies GmbH